About Me

A little bit about me – hopefully not so much as to put you to sleep.

After 30 years of working as a geologist and environmental scientist I decided to pursue my passion for the construction, maintenance, and repair of fretted instruments.

My life-long love for fretted instruments began when I was a teenager with an insatiable designed to plan bluegrass banjo. My first banjo was a 1972 Kay, I think I pay $85 for it, and after a year of picking it to death, I decided I wanted an upgrade. My father, a professional chemist and part time, but very talented prolific furniture maker, had exposed me to the joys of woodworking. I sold my Kay and bought the necessary parts to construct a 5-string banjo in my father’s shop. I played that banjo so much that it nearly cost me my college education. My parents were sweating bullets, but I managed to graduate as a proud alumnus of West Virginia University.

After college I put the banjo down for a bit, got a job, got married, had children, and became very interested in guitar playing, construction, and repair. Over the course of my 30 year work career as a geologist, I spent a considerable amount of my free time either playing, building, repairing, or tinkering with my (and my friends) guitars and banjos. During this time I accumulated a shop-load of lutherie specialty tools, a veritable library of reference materials on guitar construction and repair, and I like to think, a considerable amount of experience.

 Immediately after retiring from my “career” in early 2011, I attended and graduated from the Galloup School of Lutherie (GSL) – an internationally known school for aspiring luthiers and guitar repair technicians. The experience solidified my desire to make fretted instrument repair my life’s work.

Since graduating from GSL I have set up my home-based guitarrepair workshop, Left Brain Guitar Repair. I am located in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia – easily accessible from Martinsburg and Romney, WV, Winchester, VA, and Cumberland, MD. It is a modern, fully equipped, climate controlled shop for performing any type of fretted instrument repairs and building tasks.

About this blog – I intend to use it to let readers know about the current projects I am working on, how I am performing the tasks at hand, and discussions of a variety of lutherie related topics. I hope to use lots of pictures and few words and I will do my best to publish new posts as often as I can.

My company website, Left Brain Guitar Repair, has a complete description of our services, pricing, and contact information. Check us out.

Stay Tuned.