Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Have I Gone Viral Yet?

As the final step to complete the Left Brain Guitar Repair website I wanted to include a video to give you all an idea of what I do in the shop every day when working on your guitars.

We set up a a video camera in the corner of the shop and recorded a full day of work on an Alvarez 12-String. After the video was done, we sped it up it to give you a 3 minute version of what we do all day, added some great music, and put it on YouTube for everyone to see.

I call this A Day In the Life of A Luthier at Left Brain Guitar Repair.

Stay Tuned...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shop Dog - Bailey

We have a shop dog visiting for the weekend! She is my daughter's dog, but she has been spending more and more time with me lately... and when she does, she spends the whole day with me in the shop.

She lays around watching me work, keeping an eye out for visitors, and relaxing on the floor and out in the sun.

If you come to visit the shop you will certainly get to meet my 4 legged companion.

Bailey on the porch

Bailey laying in her beanbag outside of the shop

Bailey laying in her beanbag, again, outside of the shop